MidState Coaches

Cami Makinson

Cami is co-owner and lead coach for Midstate Crossfit. She is CFL1, CFL 2, Crossfit Kids certified and she also has her Firefighter 1 certificate. Cami was the first female to pass the Merced City Fire Department’s physical agility course. She has been coaching and doing Crossfit for 4 years.

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Mitch Makinson

Mitch is co-owner lead coach, and the primary programming guru for Midstate. He is CFL1 and CFL2 certified. Has been coaching for 4 years, and has an extensive swimming background.

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Jason MidState CrossFit Merced

Jason Martin

Jason is a founding coach at Midstate. He is CFL1 certified and has been coaching for the past 6 years. He was marathon/triathlon athlete, and lifeguard, WSI and LGI instructor.

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Justus Panzarello

Justus is a Lodi born, long time Crossfit fire-breather and graduate of UC Merced. He recently received his CFL1 certification, and will be coaching with us until the fall when he plans on commissioning as a 2nd lieutenant for the UCMC. Although terrible at pie eating contests, he has an extensive athletic background and brings 3+ years of Crossfit experience to Midstate. He loves breakfast burritos and classical music (if you are interested in bribing him before your morning workout).


Jason Edited

Jason Amis

Jason Amis is CFL1 certified, and is the newest addition to the Midstate coaching staff. He is a local corrections officer and has an extensive history in blacksmithing, knife throwing, and general awesomeness.

“Why I MidState – Jason Amis”


MidState CrossFit has a nearly 10,000 square foot facility divided into three sections.  Our main workout floor, our CrossFit Kids room and our office, childcare and changing area.  The size of the facility allows us to offer multiple classes during the same time periods so that we can better meet the needs of our community

Main Workout Floor (click to enlarge)

Children’s Room (click to enlarge)

Changing Room (click to enlarge)



MidState CrossFit is located in Merced, CA – directly off Highway 99 and only a ten minute drive from UC Merced.



What is CrossFit?

Here is a great article written by the founder of CrossFit to answer – what CrossFit is.

How do I get started? 

Shoot us a call/text/email and we can schedule your day 1 to get the process started. Here is a link to our Contact Information.

How much does it cost?

Click the link for our Memberships and Pricing.

Can I drop in any time?

Feel free to drop in any of the regularly scheduled class times – schedule can be found here.

I can’t do pull ups or lift heavy weight, is it for me?

CrossFit workouts can be scaled and modified to each individual’s needs and abilities.  Here is a great article on scaling workouts – Scaling: How Less Can Be More