MidState Coaches


Mitch and Cami Makinson

Mitch is co-owner lead coach, and the primary programming guru for Midstate. He is CFL1 and CFL2 certified. Has been coaching for 4 years, and has an extensive swimming background.

Cami is co-owner and lead coach for Midstate Crossfit. She is CFL1, CFL 2, Crossfit Kids certified and she also has her Firefighter 1 certificate. Cami was the first female to pass the Merced City Fire Department’s physical agility course. She has been coaching and doing Crossfit for 4 years.

“Why I MidState – Cami”

“Why I MidState – Mitch”

Jason MidState CrossFit Merced

Jason Martin

Jason is a founding coach at Midstate. He is CFL1 certified and has been coaching for the past 6 years. He was a marathon/triathlon athlete, and lifeguard, WSI and LGI instructor.

“Why I MidState – Jason”


Shawn Luce

Shawn Luce is a local Fireman and has been involved in the CrossFit community here in Merced for quite some time.  Not only is he pretty darn fit, but he can build pretty much anything with his bare hands.

“Why I MidState – Shawn Luce”

Jason Edited

Jason Amis

Jason Amis is CFL1 certified, and is a radical addition to the Midstate coaching staff. He is a local corrections officer and has an extensive history in blacksmithing, knife throwing, and general awesomeness.

“Why I MidState – Jason Amis”


Brian and Gabby Boucher

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