Class Schedule 
Midstate Cubs (ages 5-9)
Tue/Thu/Fri – 4:30-5:25

Midstate Bears (ages 10-13)
Tue/Thu/Fri – 5:30-6:30

$49/month – 2 Days a week
$74/month – 3 Days a week

First trial class is free!
Please contact us if you are interested in private coaching or team training.


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MidState CrossFit is proud to be the only licensed affiliate to offer CrossFit Kids in Merced!

At Midstate CrossFit community is one of our core values and that means fitness for the whole family!  We believe that our Crossfit Kids program is a great way to introduce a healthy lifestyle to kids and teens through exercise, mobility and proper nutrition. Our program is safe and scalable for every age and ability. We operate in a large facility which allows us to offer a safe and welcoming environment. Our focus is fitness through fun, constantly varied, inclusive workouts with peers of the same age group.


Lilly (12) working on her speed and power output with sled drags.

Our MidState Cubs program is all about playing with friends and pairing fitness with fun. We design each aspect of class to be entertaining, consistency is the cornerstone in teaching safe and proper movement patterns. Once we have established safe and consistent movement we can begin to focus on developing strength through a wide variety of means.


Coach Jason helping Addy (5) doing a “buddy drag”.

In our MidState Bears program we bridge the gap between playing with friends and working out with friends. This class is set up to be a positive atmosphere where pre-teens and teens can grow while being challenged physically and mentally.


A couple of young men from our summer camp just “hanging around”.

It is our goal to teach our MidState Kids that working hard doesn’t stop when they leave the gym. By sharpening their skills and work ethic as an athlete we want to hone life skills that will help them reach their full potential in and out of the gym. These young men and women are grouped with their peers to facilitate this process and to find fun in fitness.


Contact Coach Cami if you have any questions or if you are interested in getting started!