WOD – August 16, 2019


7 Rounds for Time:3 Muscle Ups5 Deadlifts (275/195)7 Box Jumps (30/24)*Scale weight accordingly. Sub 6 Strict Pull-Ups for Muscle Ups if needed

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WOD – August 15, 2019


Back Squat5 reps at 70%3 reps at 80%1 rep at 90 %Then,10 reps at 70%*After each set of squats complete 25 Banded Curls and 25 Banded Tricep Extensions

After Party

3-4 sets::20-:30 Second Active Hang12 Bent Over Reverse Fly8-10 Single Arm Landmine Rows (each arm)

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WOD – August 14, 2019


4 Sets Not For Time: 25 Cal Bike 35 Double Unders 1:00 Min Mixed Carry 1:00 Min Mixed Carry *Mixed Carry: 1 KB Suitcase Carry + KB Front Rack


Kettlebell Test For Time: 100 Russian Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

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WOD – August 13, 2019


Bench Press 5×3*10 Second hold at the top of each rep.


3 Rounds for time:15 Toes to Bar12 Burpees Over the Bar9 Shoulder to Overhead (115/75)

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WOD – August 12, 2019


Every 3 Minutes for 10 Rounds (30 Minutes) 15|12 Calorie Row or 400 Meter Run 3 Front Squats *Bars should come from floor and work up to a heavy weight for the Front Squats.

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WOD – August 9, 2019


For Time:100 Double Unders45 Wall Ball (20/14)21 Pull Ups75 Double Unders35 Wall Balls15 Pull Ups50 Double Unders25 Wall Balls9 Pull Ups

Options:Strict Pull Ups 15/12/9Muscle Ups 9/6/3Wall Balls (30/20)

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WOD – August 8, 2019


3-4 Sets 10 Seated DB Press 12 Alternating KB Rows


3 Rounds for Time: 400 Meter Run 21 Box Jumps/Step Ups 12 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/65)

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WOD – August 7, 2019


Partner WOD”Tour de MidState”For Time:350 Cal Assault Bike*Divide work however you want but both partners must participate.

After Party

TabattaPlank DB RowsJumping Air Squats

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WOD – August 6, 2019


5×2 Hang Power Clean


10 Minute AMRAP:6 Burpees12 Toes to Bar18 Kettlebell Swings

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WOD – August 5, 2019


3 Sets: 3 Overhead Squats

*Work up to around 65-70% to start the WOD


Alternating 30 Min EMOM:Min 1: 15|12 Calorie RowMin 2: 3 Overhead Squats (65-70% you can add weight throughout the rounds)Min 3: Rest

*Barbells should come from the floor. SUB with a front squat if needed.

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