In Honor of Sergeant Matthew T. Abbate

Hero WODs are special, while doing them we are reminded the true meaning of sacrifice and discipline. This hero WOD is extra special to us. Let us all remember how fortunate we are we get to wake up today.

My Cousin Matt: Sergeant Matthew T. Abbateby Annemarie HendricksonDecember 2, 2019There are moments that always stick […]

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Family is Everything

Hi guys, Coach Mitch here. As most of you know, I tend to be more reserved than Coach Cami. I am not a very open or emotional person and I tend to keep things to myself. But, we’ve been asked a lot of questions in the last few days after announcing some changes that will […]

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What are you running for?

I should start this by saying Jenni at Mountain Fitness gets all of the credit for our idea of doing monthly challenges in the gym. She started the trend in January with 65 air squats a day, everyday in January. We piggy backed the idea and have decided to have a monthly challenge every […]

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let’s get taboo

Hey ya’ll. First, and most importantly- Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re surrounded by good food, great friends, and loving family. From my little family to yours- thank you for being a part of our life. We count our blessings everyday that our paths have crossed, and we are grateful for you!

Now, back to the subject […]

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What I wanted to say last Friday… but couldn’t.

Hey guys, Cami here. I wanted to do a quick recap of our anniversary party last week. If you couldn’t make it, we missed you. If you were there to celebrate with us- thank you. There were a lot of things that I wanted to say, but as you know, my emotions got the best […]

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MidState Games 2018

MidState Games 2018
This year we are excited to announce the MidState Games will be on Saturday the 17th.  This is an in-house partner competition for all MidState members.  This is a beginner friendly competition that all members can take part in. MidState Cubs and Bears are invited to compete, if you have questions please refer […]

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What does an English Major, a Firefighter and a CrossFitter have in common?

I had a really nice conversation with a friend at the gym this afternoon. I say it was really nice, because he was showering me with compliments. Really. That isn’t meant to sound as conceited as it does. He was telling me how much he enjoyed my last post, and if you haven’t read it […]

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New Year, New You? Let’s talk about how to get where you want to be.

We were able to get away for the weekend with another couple and it was so nice. We didn’t workout, we didn’t set any alarms (because we have a baby and don’t need alarm clocks anymore) we barely had cell service, and we ate lots of yummy finger foods. We played charades under a sheet […]

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30 Minutes from Accomplishing Your Goals

What can be done in 30 minutes? You might not think you can do a whole lot…

Think again. 30 minutes is PLENTY of time!

Cook dinner for your kids, take your dogs out for a walk, enjoy an episode of your favorite show, or… You could even stop by MidState for a great workout!

We pride ourselves […]

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3 Year Anniversay

Hey MidState! We are excited to celebrate our 3 year anniversary with all of you!  Save the date Saturday, October 21st at 10 AM, we have a fun day planned.  In typical MidState fashion, we plan on kicking off the festivities with an awesome Hero WOD. We will enjoy food and each other’s company after […]

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