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WOD – July 19, 2019

Part I

Alternating EMOM x 15 Min:45 Second Dbl KB Front Rack Carry45 Second Max Abmat Sit-Ups45 Second 12-15 Box Jump/Steps

Part II

3 Rounds for time:100 Meter Farmer Carry (2 Kbs)15 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts (1 Kb)20 Russian Twists (1 Kb)

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WOD – July 18, 2019

Partner WOD

20 Minute AMRAP:Partner 1: 1,000 Meter RowPartner 2: AMRAP of Cindy*Switch once partner 1 finishes the row. Larger classes can either have teams run 800 M or bike 2,000 M if rowers are full.

After PartyFor Time:100 Banded Bicep Curls100 Banded Tricep Ext.Fellas: Purple BandLadies: Red Band

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WOD – July 17, 2019


3-4 Rounds:12 Single Arm Rows12 Arnold Press


2 Rounds for Time:500 Meter Row15 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)400 Meter Run15 Hang Power Cleans

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WOD – July 16, 2019

This Saturday we will be celebrating Coach Nicks’ birthday and last day at MidState with Fran. Let’s meet after Team WOD at 11:00 and throw down to celebrate the only way we know how. Don’t be intimidated by Fran, you can modify however you want! You can even BYOB 😉 We hope to see you […]

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WOD – July 15, 2019

CAL FIRE Heavy Equipment Operator Braden Varney died July 14, 2018 while working to prevent the spread of the Ferguson Fire in Mariposa County. Varney was 36 years old.

A second generation firefighter, Varney had worked for CAL FIRE for 10 Years.

Hero WOD

4 Rounds For Time: 7 Chest to Bar Pull Up 14 Alt DB Snatch […]

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WOD – July 12, 2019


2×200 Meter Farmer Carry*Rest as needed between sets


For time500 Meter Row50 Kettlebell Swings25 Toes to bar 400 Meter Run25 Toes to bar50 Kettlebell Swings 1000 Meter Bike*Depending on class size, start at either the run, row or bike.

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WOD – July 11, 2019


7 Rounds for Completion: 11 Bench Press 33 Double Unders *pair up and spot your partner while benching then do your jump rope at the same time. Treat this more like strength work than a WOD.


You and your partner complete: 33 Devils Press – if today just so happens to be your birthday, do 33 […]

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WOD – July 10, 2019


7 Min EMOM:First Min – 7 Power CleansSecond Min – 6 Power CleansThird Min – 5 Power CleansFourth Min – 4 Power CleansFifth Min – 3 Power CleansSixth Min – 2 Power CleansSeventh Min – 1 Power Clean*As time becomes available, add weight.


12 Minute AMRAP:3 Muscle Ups|5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups6 DxDB Hang Power […]

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WOD – July 9, 2019


This is the final 20 rep squat day, next week we’ll be testing out a 5×1 where we can test for a nex max. Back Squats8 Reps at 65-70%6 Reps at 70-75%4 Reps at 75-80%Then, 20 Reps (Pick a weight and go for it!)


5 Minute Test: Max Row for Distance*A good goal would be 1,000 […]

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WOD – July 8, 2019


5×5 Strict Press


For time 20 Cal Assault Bike 30 Weighted Step Ups 50 Dumbbell Snatches 400 Meter Run

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