WOD – September 17, 2019


5 Sets of 8-10 Back Rack Lunges


3 Rounds for Completion: 20 Calorie Row 20 DB Plank Rows (R+L=2) *Get through each round with a purpose and rest as needed or until a rower is available. Sub in bike if needed.

After Party 3 Sets of 10-12 Landmine Rotations

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WOD – September 16, 2019


4×10 Strict Pull Ups


12 Min EMOMMinute 1 – 30 Double UndersMinute 2 – 16 Alt. DB SnatchMinute 3 – 20|12 Push-ups

After partyAnchored Sit Ups3x20*slip feet under 2 DBs and hold 1-2 KBs in your front rack.

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WOD – September 13, 2019


“The Chief”Five Rounds 3 Minute AMRAP:3 Power Cleans (135/95)6 Push-Ups9 Air SquatsRest 1 Minute after each AMRAP

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WOD – September 12, 2019


5 Sets: 3 Minutes: Max Calorie Row 1 Minute: Max Kettlebell Swings :45 Second Hollow Body Hold -Rest 1-2 Minutes

*Each round should take approximately 6-7 Minutes. Try to move as quickly from one station to the next to keep a continuous clock. Get your rest at the end where it’s programmed. 😉

After Party

Sled Push Completed […]

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WOD – September 11, 2019

Strength Day

4×8 Deadlifts4x8 Single Arm Arnold Press w. DB (each arm)4×8 Skull Crushers*If possible, for each of these movements perform a 3 second negative on the eccentric portion.

After Party

100-150 Banded Curls100-150 Banded Rows

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WOD – September 10, 2019


For Completion:15 Back Squats (Medium)800 Meter Run10 Back Squats (Medium/Heavy)800 Meter Run5 Back Squats (Heavy)800 Meter Run

*After today’s workout we want to be sure to “cool down”-Couch Stretch 1 Min each leg-Pigeon Stretch 1 Min each leg-Forward Fold 1 Min

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WOD – September 9, 2019

Partner WOD

“Buy in”For Time800 m Farmer Carry400 m Front Rack Carry200 m Overhead Carry*Divide these carries however you and your partner want.


4 Rounds for time:35 Double Unders30 Air Squats25 Wall Balls (20/14)20 Chest to Bar15 Power Snatch*Alternate after each movement.

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WOD – September 6, 2019


3 Rounds for Reps:1 Minute Burpees1 Minute Wall Balls (20/141 Minute Deadlifts (95/65)1 Minute Med-ball Sit ups1 Minute Hang Power Snatch (95/65)1 Minute Rest

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WOD – September 5, 2019

Partner WOD

14 Minute AMRAP:20|15 Assault Bike Calories30 Air Squats*Rotate after full rounds

After Party

Front Rack Bulgarian Split Squats4x8 (each leg)*Hold a KB in the Front Rack and get after it!

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WOD – September 4, 2019

5 Rounds:3 Minute Clock:400 Meter Run4 Ring Muscle Ups or 10 Chest to Bar Pull UpsMax Power Cleans with time remaining (155/105)- Rest 2 Min after each round

*Just for reference, you’re looking at ~30 seconds on the barbell. For scaling options look into shortening the run, jumping chest to bar, or even just moving […]

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