If you haven’t yet, we’d like for you to think about the following three questions. In our opinion, these some of the most important questions you can ask yourself when working towards health and fitness.

  • Why do you workout?
  • What are your goals?
  • What motivates you?

For me, Coach Mitch, the answers to some of these questions have changed. At one point my answers would have looked something like this:

  • Why do you workout? Because it’s fun and I want to get better at CrossFit
  • What are you goals? To Compete in crossfit
  • What motivates you? Lifting heavy weight and doing well in competition.

Today’s answers come after a shift in perspective, life isn’t about competition and working out for hours on end, it’s how can I use the gym to better my quality of life outside of it.

  • Why do you workout? To set a good example and to be healthy for my family
  • What are you goals? To be a good father/husband and to workout no more than 90 minutes a day.
  • What motivates you? Progress is what motivates me, progress from our members working on certain things, progress in our business, progress in life.  I am motivated to be a little better each day at life.

Your answers don’t need to be “deep” like mine, they can be whatever you feel- they’re yours! It’s just important to reflect on these every now and then.


3-4 Sets:
6-10 Strict Pull Ups
10-12 Single Arm DB Rows


3 Rounds for time:
500 Meter Row
12 Deadlifts
21 Box Jumps/steps (24″/20″)