3 Rounds for reps:
1 Min – Max Reps Toes-2-Bar
1 Min – Max Reps Burpees 
*Rest 1 Min after each round

Midline Work

3 Sets:
20 – 30 Oblique Twists to the Right + 20 Sec Hold
20 – 30 Oblique Twists to the Left + 20 Sec Hold
5 Inch Worms

*For the oblique twists,
-Secure a band to the rack about waist high
-Keeping arms close to your body, grab the band and step away from the rack until the band has some tension
-Facing perpendicular to the rack, rotate torso towards the rack and then away from the rack
-When performing the 20-sec hold make sure you’re at the greatest point of tension facing away from the rack.