WOD – January 18, 2019


Back Squats 6×2 (heavier than last week)*After each set complete 25ft of Farmer Carry Walking Lunges


3 Sprint Sets30 Cal Row20 Sprawls*A Sprawl is a Burpee without the push-up portion. This is meant to make you move faster and keep a higher level of intensity each round.

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WOD – January 17, 2019


Strict Press 5×5*After each set do 6-8 Strict Pull Ups


3 Rounds for time:10 Deadlifts (115/75)9 Hang Power Clean8 Push Jerks7 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

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WOD – January 16, 2019


For time:50 Wall Balls50 Mountain Climbers50 Med Ball Cleans50 Alternating Single Leg V-ups

Extra Credit

3-4 Sets:6 Hand Assisted Single Leg Deadlifts*Use a KB or DB

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WOD – January 15, 2019


4 Rounds for time400 Meter Run500 Meter Row750 Meter Bike*If you physically can’t run then Ski 400 Meters

Part II

TabataDouble Unders

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WOD – January 14, 2019


3 Sets:20 Knees to Elbow100 ft Suitcase Carry (each side)


4 Rounds for total hold time:12 Burpees20 Kettlebell SwingsMax L-Hang

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WOD – January 11, 2019


Back Squat – 6×2 (relatively heavy)


Buy in – 40 Cal Bike4 Rounds:20 Wall Balls15 Toes-to-BarCash Out – 40 Cal Row

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WOD – January 10, 2019

Partner WOD

For Time:100 Burpees100 Kettlebell Swings50 Burpees 50 Kettlebell Swings*1 Partner working at a time

Cash Out:

The following should be done with a thin red band or medium purple band. The point it to either get 100 unbroken or as big of sets as possible.-100 Band Tricep Ext. (secure to low pull up bar and extend […]

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WOD – January 9, 2019


Part I

Every 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes (4 Rounds)50 Double Unders + 5 Touch and go Deadlifts

Part II

3 Rounds:1 Minute – Farmer Carry (Heavy)1 Minute – Plank Hold directly into,:30 Seconds MAX REP Mountain Climbers

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WOD – January 8, 2019


Today requires a little math,

12 Minute AMRAP:1 Strict Pull-Up, 2 Push Ups, 3 Air Squats2 Strict Pull Ups, 4 Push Ups, 6 Air Squats3 Strict Pull Ups, 6 Push Ups, 9 Air Squats4 Strict Pull Ups, 8 Push Ups, 12 Air Squats5/10/156/12/187/14/21etc…

Cash Out

Max Wall Sit with 2 KBs in front rack

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WOD – January 7, 2019

Some of you have noticed we’ve been putting time caps on our workouts, this is for two reasons.

First, it helps our coaches navigate and manage the class. We are all very passionate about fitness and could easily spend an hour on strength alone, so this helps everyone plan accordingly.

Secondly, this helps you, […]

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