WOD – January 22, 2019


With a Partner Alternate for 10 Rounds total:

20 Cal Assault Bike Sprints


Bulgarian Split Squat Death Sets

-For a “Death Set” perform 8 split squats then hold at 90 degrees (parallel) for 8 seconds. Have your partner count for you and be sure you’re holding for an actual 8 seconds. Do this 3 times on each leg […]

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WOD – January 21, 2019

In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day our schedule is as follows, 5:30 AM8:30 AMOpen Gym12:00 PM(Afternoon/Evening classes cancelled)Regular schedule tomorrow.


Bench Press 3x10After each set of barbell Bench Press, grab 2 LIGHT-MEDIUM Dumbbells or Kettlebells and do 20 reps of Floor Press.*Rest 2-3 Minutes between sets


3 Rounds for time:400 Meter […]

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WOD – January 18, 2019


Back Squats 6×2 (heavier than last week)*After each set complete 25ft of Farmer Carry Walking Lunges


3 Sprint Sets30 Cal Row20 Sprawls*A Sprawl is a Burpee without the push-up portion. This is meant to make you move faster and keep a higher level of intensity each round.

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WOD – January 17, 2019


Strict Press 5×5*After each set do 6-8 Strict Pull Ups


3 Rounds for time:10 Deadlifts (115/75)9 Hang Power Clean8 Push Jerks7 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

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WOD – January 16, 2019


For time:50 Wall Balls50 Mountain Climbers50 Med Ball Cleans50 Alternating Single Leg V-ups

Extra Credit

3-4 Sets:6 Hand Assisted Single Leg Deadlifts*Use a KB or DB

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WOD – January 15, 2019


4 Rounds for time400 Meter Run500 Meter Row750 Meter Bike*If you physically can’t run then Ski 400 Meters

Part II

TabataDouble Unders

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WOD – January 14, 2019


3 Sets:20 Knees to Elbow100 ft Suitcase Carry (each side)


4 Rounds for total hold time:12 Burpees20 Kettlebell SwingsMax L-Hang

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WOD – January 11, 2019


Back Squat – 6×2 (relatively heavy)


Buy in – 40 Cal Bike4 Rounds:20 Wall Balls15 Toes-to-BarCash Out – 40 Cal Row

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WOD – January 10, 2019

Partner WOD

For Time:100 Burpees100 Kettlebell Swings50 Burpees 50 Kettlebell Swings*1 Partner working at a time

Cash Out:

The following should be done with a thin red band or medium purple band. The point it to either get 100 unbroken or as big of sets as possible.-100 Band Tricep Ext. (secure to low pull up bar and extend […]

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WOD – January 9, 2019


Part I

Every 3 Minutes for 12 Minutes (4 Rounds)50 Double Unders + 5 Touch and go Deadlifts

Part II

3 Rounds:1 Minute – Farmer Carry (Heavy)1 Minute – Plank Hold directly into,:30 Seconds MAX REP Mountain Climbers

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