First of all, we want to thank you all again, from the bottom of our hearts. Saturday was our third annual MidState Games and it is one of the most humbling and awe inspiring events we host all year long, and our community always gives us all the feels. 

We had so much fun this last Saturday that we wanted to keep the momentum going. We’ve decided to switch things up a little bit this year for the CrossFit Open. (Which starts THIS WEEK so go register!) The Open is the first step in a worldwide competition toward reaching the CrossFit Games and being crowned the “Fittest on Earth”. Each week beginning Thursday, February 22nd, CrossFit HQ will release a workout online to be completed by the following Monday, for five consecutive weeks. Signing up for the Open is optional, but a fun way to test yourself. We’ll do the Open workouts every Friday in classes and as an option on Mondays before your score is due at 5:00 pm.  

This year we’ve decided to do Friday Night Lights where we get together and cheer each other on in true MidState fashion. If you enjoyed the MidState Games, then you’ll love the atmosphere of FNL at MidState. There will be no 5:30 PM Class on Fridays during The Open. Instead, we will start the Open workouts at 6:00 PM. What does this mean if you were going to workout at the 5:30 pm class? It means you get an extra 30:00 to warm up & stretch out before killing your workout. 


EMOM x 10 Min
2 Hang Power Cleans


Pull Ups
Weighted Sit Ups
40 Double Unders

We’ve been experiencing some issues with the teal and metallic MidState bottles, please allow us some extra time bring them up to our standard. Thank you guys for being patient.