Saturday we will be meeting at 8:15am (as long as weather is clear) to run the Bear Creek Path, starting at Bear Creek Galleria. There will be no Team WOD or Open gym.

Fun Friday

Deadlift – 5×5 
*10 Turkish Sit Ups (5 each arm) after each DL set.

Note: For variation of pulling, you can mix in some Sumo DL


Ring Rows/Pull Ups
Push Ups/HSPU
“Gun Walks” (45/35)
*We have provided some advanced movements with these tabata movements. As you know tabata is fast, choose the movements that will give you a decent set of reps. Gun Walks should be held the full 20 seconds. 

Note: Larger classes will need to stager the starting movements. 


Ring Rows
Push Ups
Hammer Curls