11109715_1559584097664458_1187942419945344342_n     To understand why I MidState it is helpful to understand my fitness history. I was never a standout athlete in my youth, but I was always active in sports like football, wrestling, and martial arts. When I decided to become a firefighter I had a new motivation to make sure I was in shape. I would like to think that I was always in good shape, but little did I know the potential I had. In 2011 my crew and I stumbled upon a 21 day workout program and decided that it looked fun because of the number of different activities it involved. Little did we know that this was CrossFit programming. From there it was off to the races for me and I found CrossFit main site. I started following the programming from main site for all my workouts and loved it from the beginning.

In 2012 I decided to participate in the open and had a blast testing my limits and working out occasionally with some of the great people at CrossFit Merced. About this time I decided to get my L1 certificate because I could see myself coaching and helping other people recognize their fitness potential. I did the open again in 2013 and continued to improve my skills. I looked for opportunities to coach regularly, but none presented themselves. I was doing some one on one coaching for people by incorporating CrossFit programming and I was able to really see people progress in their fitness. A couple of family health trials in 2014 kept me from participating in the open, but it was later in the year when MidState opened and I saw that they offered the CrossFit Kids program. My daughter was super excited to try CrossFit Kids and that is how I was introduced to the staff and community of MidState. I could tell right away that this was the place to help anyone obtain fitness goals no matter what level of fitness they came in with. The atmosphere is conducive to all fitness levels because of the desire to help everybody be the best they can be. I loved the fact that people would compete with each other, but it was not so intense that it would scare people away. I knew rather early on that this was the place for me.
        Today at 40 years old I am in better shape than I was when I was 20, and I am a better person because of CrossFit. I love to help people and the atmosphere here at MidState CrossFit exemplifies the belief that CrossFit is for anyone and everyone, not just for fitness, but for building a better community. This is why I MidState, and why I would encourage anyone to give MidState a try.