WOD – June 20, 2016

Barbell Club is just finishing up their Hatch Cycle, if you’re interested in joining or checking it out then now is the time. 😉


Week 3
20 rep Back Squat. 70-75%


8 Minute AMRAP:
10 Kb Swings
15 Burpees 

Extra Work 

RDL (Romainian Deadlift)
50%-5, 60%-5, 70%-5, 80% – 3×5

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WOD – June 17, 2016


3 Rounds:
500 Meter Row
Rest 2-3 Minutes


3 Super Sets:
Bulgarian Goat Bag Swings x 15 reps
Snow Angels x 15 reps
Banded Hip Bridges x 15-20 reps

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WOD – June 16, 2016


15 Minute Clock:
10 squat clean & jerks(95/55lbs) ~40%
15 burpees over bar
8 squat clean & jerks(115/75lbs)~45%
15 burpees over bar
6 squat clean & jerks(135/95lbs)~50%
15 burpees over bar
4 squat clean & jerks(155/115lbs)~55%
15 burpees over bar
2 squat clean & jerks(175/125lbs)~60%
15 burpees over bar
MAX squat clean & jerks(185/130lbs)~65%

Extra Work

20 rep Back Squat. 65-70%

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WOD – June 15, 2016

We’d like to invite you all to take part in a special workout this Saturday at 10am to honor victims of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando.  All are welcome to join, CrossFit experience or not.


*Work up to a heavy but non-maximal 3 rep


“Running Diane”
21 – 15 – 9
400 Meter Run

*HSPU Scale: Strict HSPU ~1/2 reps. Box […]

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WOD – June 14, 2016

In addition to keeping your food log you should check out the latest “Why I MidState!”

“Shawn Luce – Why I MidState”


Strict Press – followed by 5-6 Weighted Pull Ups


5 Rounds for Reps:
:30sec Double Unders
:30sec Rest
:30sec Toes-to-Bar
:30sec Rest

Extra Work

3 Sets of 8 Split Squats each leg
*Between each set 30 Sec L-Sit

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“Why I MidState – Shawn Luce”

     To understand why I MidState it is helpful to understand my fitness history. I was never a standout athlete in my youth, but I was always active in sports like football, wrestling, and martial arts. When I decided to become a firefighter I had a new motivation to make sure I was in shape. I […]

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WOD – June 13, 2016

We’d like to challenge you all this week to keep a food log, nothing too complex just jot down what you ate/drank for your main meals and any snacks in between.  Many of our goals written on the board are nutritional in nature and keeping a food log will be a great tool in achieving […]

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WOD – June 10, 2016

Warm up

Barbell Quad Smash


3 Rounds not for time
3 each arm TGU
10 V-Ups
15 Arch to hollows on pull up bar


3 Rounds for Time:
400 Meter Run w. plate (45/35)
15 Toe-to-Bar

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WOD – June 9, 2016

Finished up a long day with: 20 min AMRAP: DL/SQT CLN/FS/S2O @ 225# 💀 … Quickly followed by 6×20 calorie AAB sprints … More 💀💀💀 … @tenperformance #TeamTen @fitaid #TeamFitaid @nike @fitstyle_foods

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WOD – June 8, 2016


5 Rounds
20/15 Calorie Row
30 Kettlebell Swings
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs
Rest 2 Minutes

Skill Work 

“Alec Smith Complex”

5 Minute AMRAP: 
1 Pull Up + 1 Chest to Bar + 1 Bar Muscle-up 

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