Many people have asked, “why are you opening a gym?” The short answer is, “It’s what Cami and I are passionate about – we love helping people and we love fitness, so why not  give our dreams a shot and start our lives together helping people through fitness?”

If you’d like to know more than that, yep, there’s a long answer too.  It starts before I even met my wife. From the first day I walked into the local CrossFit and did a work out I was hooked. It was challenging, humbling, and the people were amazing. I did so much reading and watching of anything CrossFit I started to annoy my roommate – we’ve all been there right?

As time went on I wanted to learn more, to be better at CrossFit and to increase my strength base. I wanted to learn and be proficient in gymnastics and Olympic lifting. Quite simply, I was all in – and it was clear to me from very early on that, one day, I wanted to own and operate my own CrossFit affiliate.   Back then, I had several offers to move to SoCal and as a single 22 year old, being in SoCal and doing CrossFit would have been a dream come true. Ultimately, family, friends, and work kept me in Merced.

Fast forward to when I meet Cami –  a beautiful, funny, genuine & loving person. A great human with a beautiful smile. Then I find out that she is not only all of those things but a phenomenal athlete.  As our relationship developed and I came to know Cami better I developed a deep admiration for the close knit relationship she had with her family.

Cami comes from a strong family – a family that she is very close with. She has one of the strongest family relationships I’ve ever known, in fact, the strength of her relationships is so strong it’s helped my relationship with my own family (that’s what couples are supposed to right – make each other better) 😉 .  As Cami and I grew closer together and the relationship with our families continued to grow, my heart began changing from that of a 22 year old who wanted to get away, to that of someone more mature who was beginning to truly appreciate the amazing relationships and people he had in his life – right where he was.

By now everyone knows where Cami and I ended up – married – and we couldn’t be happier.  But with marriage come new responsibilities – bills to pay and food to put on the table – and, unfortunately, the jobs we had didn’t offer paths to support the future we hope to share.  At one point just before we decided to open MidState, I was considering applying for a custodial position that would provide more hours as well as benefits for our family.

We needed a plan – and we decided to return to what we love – to give it a shot and chase our dreams.  While the plans of young man had been to leave our family and friends and pursue our passion down south, the more mature me realized we wanted to to open a gym in Merced because it is our home. They say home is where the heart is and my heart is here – as a 24 year old husband to a woman with the biggest heart I’ve known and surrounded by friends and family.

My heart is with my the relationships with the friends and family that I’ve spent a lifetime making and developing –  here. Not in Southern California.

One of the things I’m most excited about MidState is that our facility will allow us to help the build the community (not “our” community) in ways that we aspire to be life changing and relational – exercise is just one part of what our vision is for MidState.

So, “Why I MidState?”  It’s because I matured and fell in love.  I decided that we wanted to so something great in and with the community that’s been our home – Merced.

I can’t thank you all enough for the support we’ve received over the years and I’m incredibly excited to build our vision for CrossFit with my wife and the amazing team we have at MidState.

– Mitch