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By now most everyone has read why Mitch decided to “MidState” – which means now it’s my turn to tell my story.  Growing up, I was always athletic.  In high school I played just about everything – volleyball, track, swimming, softball and, my first love, basketball.

I have always wanted to compete  – not necessarily to win though –  I just loved the sense of team that comes from competing with and against people.  So it would make complete sense that I would love my first CrossFit workout – but I didn’t.  I hated it – or I thought I did.  What I think I really hated was not being good at it.

CrossFit was hard, and I was surrounded by people who were better than me – that wasn’t “fun.”  In fact, the only part that I really liked about CrossFit in the beginning was talking with my friends during the warm-up, but that competitive spirit inside me wouldn’t let me walk away.  I had to try to get better.

Over those early days and weeks, I continued to CrossFit and I continued to be humbled by the workouts.   I remember thinking “Ok, so the men are supposed to beat me – that’s ok –  but oh man, I couldn’t keep up with these women – they’re all so strong – and beautiful!”

As my weeks in CrossFit turned into my months in CrossFit, everything started to finally make sense and I made the transition from athlete to coach.  At one point, I had no fewer than six different families from the gym give me house keys in order to make sure if I was hungry or tired I would have a place to grab a meal or a nap. I’ll never forget the day my name was called at my Fire Fighter 1 academy graduation and I heard my CrossFit family cheering and chanting my name – I knew then how fortunate I was for the friends I had made and knew, that if someday I could, I would want to be a part of a community like that for the rest of my life.

Fast forward some months and the gym brought in a new coach who wasn’t too hard on the eyes.   He was also a great coach (but have you seen those shoulders?!) too.

Unfortunately for Mitch, I was already in a full time relationship. CrossFit was my boyfriend.

In time, those shoulders turned into flirtation, which turned into dating, which turned into taco trucks and one day, while at a taco truck eating lunch, I asked Mitch what he wanted to do when it was time to get a “real job.” Mitch had the courage and passion to tell me what he wanted to do more than anything else – to open his own CrossFit gym. We were already in love but now we also shared the same ambition.

Mitch already wrote about why now and why Merced in his words.  Yes to all of that.  I can’t say it any better.

We realized how much we love the friends and family we’ve made in Merced and leaving it to chase our dreams seemed so incredibly counterproductive.  What we wanted to do is continue to grow and build on the best parts of a CrossFit community.  We have some ideas for expanding that community and reaching out in ways that are really exciting to us but, most of all, we’re excited to do it in the community we call home.

So here we sit today and people have asked me why I chose to MidState.

I MidState because I love CrossFit.

I love the people it’s brought into my life  (at the very top of that list is my husband) and I love that Mitch and I  share the same passion for building healthy lives and communities.

As Mitch and I start our journey together, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing with my husband than MidState – and THAT is why I MidState.